We believe that Every Woman is Beautiful inside and out.

We believe that we all have talents and gifts that can become valuable to others and help us gain financial independence.

We believe that women can leverage their gifts and talents and become even more productive if they are shown how.

We want African women to live in dignity and become respectable members of the society.



Beauty is a non-governmental organization duly registered in the Netherlands and Nigeria, and it’s set up to promote well-being in women and children.


To contribute to a better society by creating an environment where everyone is inspired to achieve their highest potential by breaking limitations of mediocrity and low self-confidence and helping people discover and unleash their inner beauty.


To inspire and teach vulnerable women and children to discover the beauty and possibilities within them.

Object Of BIEL

  1. To promote dignity among women of ethnic minorities by inspiring and educating women through skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development and helping them raise their level of ambition in other to make better choices.
  2. To deal with the root causes of depression, failure and lack of vision seen in most young women by raising awareness of the importance of self-worth and self-esteem in young people.
  3. To provide basic amenities and food to underprivileged families and orphans while giving them tools to become more economically self-sufficient.



We Value Dignity, Freedom and Beauty


Most African migrants living in Europe are living under the welfare system and in most cases, live below the poverty line. Most are not fully integrated even after having stayed for 12 years and above, they do not have decent employment and rarely start their own businesses.

In that regard, we have developed two programs to support the integration process of Female African Migrants starting in the Netherlands. Secondly, we have designed a leadership and entrepreneurship program to assist them to become financially independent.


Our Mission: To restore dignity to African Women and Children everywhere and prevent slavery in West Africa.

To this end we support and promote two campaings:

  • Prevent Human Trafficking Now!
  • Keep Dignity Alive