We believe that Every Woman is Beautiful inside and out.

We know that every child can live a life they attempt to dream of.

We believe that we all have talents and gifts that can become valuable to others and help us gain financial independence.

We believe that women can leverage their gifts and talents and become even more productive if they are shown how.

We want African women to live in dignity and become respectable members of the society.

Object Of BIEL

Improve social & economic well-being of women and children
Create awareness on the dangers of trafficking of women and children

Empower women &
children to realise their potential and achieve their dreams & visions

Through education, support the raising of confident children who will become good citizens of the world
Strategy/Methods of implementation
  • Awareness and advocacy programs to get the support of the public against trafficking of women and children in West Africa
  • Provide counselling, re-integration programs and personal development skills to young women who have been rescued from trafficking
  • Provide educational training on life skills and entrepreneurship to young women who are at risk of being trafficked
  • Entrepreneurship/Personal development training for West African women living below the poverty line in the Netherlands
  • Education sponsorship for vulnerable children, especially orphans in Nigeria
  • Prevent Human Trafficking Now! Advocacy and awareness program developed to sensitise the general public on safe immigration guidelines
  • Keep Dignity Alive: Economic empowerment of West African women through social entrepreneurship programs and personal leadership development.
  • Education funding for vulnerable children and orphans in Nigeria

About us

Beauty in Every Life (BIEL) foundation was founded to help African women and children to realise their potential and achieve their dreams. BIEL endeavours to improve the social and economic well-being of West African women and children everywhere so that they can live in dignity. BIEL was initiated out of the need to protect West African women from all forms of abuse, and prevent them from falling victim to depression, trafficking, child abuse, and slavery. BIEL focus recently shifted to preventing trafficking intended for forced prostitution. We provide counselling and re-integrate victims of trafficking by providing personal and entrepreneurship education. We also run programs for young women in Nigeria to help them become financially independent and to prevent them from becoming victims of human trafficking.